Drone Wind Farm Site Survey

Muirhall Energy developed Tormywheel Wind Farm in West Lothian. This is a 15 turbine 30 MW wind farm. The site is surrounded by extensive forestry which creates wind turbulence and reduces the wind speed.

Wind Farm Survey

There has been tree felling in this forestry and Muirhall Energy wanted to assess the extent of the felling to determine whether this would improve wind speeds. Ground level inspection was unfeasible due to the rough and extensive terrain. Muirhall Energy contracted Photo Energy to undertake a site survey.

Drone Wind Farm Survey

360 degree panoramic videos and photographs were taken at various locations which revealed the extent of tree felling. As this was significant and warranted further investigation the drone was carefully flown over the tree clearing boundaries and the GPS location data was recorded in the flight log enabling Muirhall Energy to conduct accurate modelling and produce an accurate assessment of the revised wind speed.

Sean MacDougall, Muirhall Energy Project Manager "It is critical for us to understand the wind properties on site and how this can change with the surrounding environment. Conducting an assessment of the forestry on foot would have been laborious and time consuming. Jose was able to do this work in an afternoon by taking elevated panoramas and videos, which backed up desk studies on forestry felling, supplying us with invaluable data.”